TD4DASS 2020

Workshop on Technical Debt in Data Analytics Software Systems

March 17, 2020 - Salvador, Brazil

Topics of Interest

The workshop aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences, emerging results, and techniques among participants of both the data analytics and software architecture communities. To stimulate discussion among the participants, the workshop welcomes contributions in the form of position papers or experience reports, covering a wide range of related topics. Some suggested topics are the following:

  • quality problems in data analytics systems
  • architectural models and patterns for data analytics systems
  • smells in data analytics systems
  • deployment strategies
  • understanding the causes and effects of technical debt in data analytics
  • quality attributes in data analytics systems
  • technical debt and its relationship to data analytics architectures
  • practices and techniques for designing and developing data analytics systems
  • adaptation of technical debt techniques to the data analytics domain
  • case-studies about data analytics systems
  • self-admitted debt in data analytics systems
  • analysis and measurement of data analytics systems
  • design techniques and tool support
  • tool and methodologies
  • industry applications
  • experience reports
  • technical debt strategies for data analytics systems
  • business and financial impact of technical debt